Hybrid Long-term Care


Our hybrid clients:

  • Like a guarantee of lifetime premium stability.
  • Are considering self-insuring but think it prudent to have some insurance in place.
  • Have $100-150K in easy-access, rainy-day funds like money market or CD.
  • Like the idea that they will use this insurance one way or another, either as a death benefit (life insurance) or for long-term care.
  • Like that all LTC benefits are tax-free.
  • Like that a hybrid LTC company will sometimes consider health histories a traditional carrier will not.

Other advantages of hybrid LTC insurance:

  • Though monies are re-allocated, the plan remains an asset under your control.
  • Lifetime, long-term care benefit options.
  • Single premium & multi-pay premium options.
  • Option to withdraw cash from your policy at any time.